Natural Clairvoyant

Born and raised in a small town, I would eventually accept and embrace my abilities to communicate with the dead. Throughout adulthood, I worked as an EMT, Fire Fighter, Police Officer and also for a local Medical Examiner. Several years later, I would start my Paranormal Team, "Beyond Perception Investigators". A few years after that, I would become the CEO of Perfect Trust Productions. I have also managed to become a best selling author on Amazon with my first release, "Embracing My Strange".

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As a child, Gwen knew she was different. From the visions, to the conversations she would have with her very first friend that nobody else could confirm his existence. Over time, she would learn to embrace it. Besides, what is declared as "strange" in society's standards, is completely normal for her. It took time and lots of it. This story takes you through her journey, as she learned, painfully, how to embrace her strange.

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