My name is Gwen Luckett. Paranormal Investigator, Clairvoyant, director, producer, editor, best selling author, founder of Beyond Perception Investigators and CEO of Perfect Trust Productions.

Services Provided

Video Editing/Production

Video Narration

Banners for Social Media (Including banners for Pod Casts)

B Roll and still shots for projects

Recording/Editing/Directing Music Videos


Cover Art for Books/e books


To inquire about banner work/social media promotional designs or any other services provided, please go to the "Contact" page and submit a request for a free consult for the service needed. I will respond asap. Thank You!

- Gwen

FEATURED VIDEO: Narration Out Takes

Sit in on a narration session as I try to get through the opening narration of the re release of episode 9 for BPI "The Call That Started It All" (Available on PTP YouTube and BPI YouTube under BPI FULL EPISODE playlist). Some added sound effects to make things interesting along the way!